Free Site Builder for Church and Ministry Websites

Free Church Ministry Website Builder FAQ

1) What is Church Website Builder?
A church website is ministry HTML 5 website building solution created for pastors and ministers looking for a great Church website. brings together different aspects which are needed to put a professional site together.
2) I already have a domain name registered. Can I use it with

Yes, follow these general instructions:

1: Log in to your domain's control panel
2: Locate the area to change your domain's DNS settings
3: Create 2 A-Records to point to churchikon's IP address

A-Record Host Points to
#1 The root of your domain (usually identified by a @ or * symbol)
#2 www

3) How does church website builder works?
The Website Builder enables users to generate and maintain a fully animated html5 website with utmost ease. The users get to choose the website design of their choice from dozens of options. ChurchIkon can edit the content like text, images etc. on html website of their choice. No programming skills or knowledge is required to build your website using our church site builder.
4) Can I edit images and look of the templates?
Yes, you can add your own images and text and get a personalized look for your template using out easy church website builder. Our help desk is just a phone call away to assist you.
5) How often can I edit my church website?
You enjoy unlimited editing access to your church website. Your changes are reflected on your website immediately.
6) How many pages do I get with my church site?
You can add upto 100 pages.
7) Is my website mobile friendly.
Yes, you can view the church website in almost all smart phone, iPhone and android phones.
8) Can I integrate Facebook and Twitter in my church website? church website builder allows you to add your Facebook and Twitter pages on your church website.
9) How does my church mobile app work?
We offer you a personalized iOS and Android app for your church. This app can be installed by your listeners and they can use this to fill prayer forms, driving directions, make donations and listen to Sermons.
10) Can I Stream sermons?
Yes, you can stream your sermons in audio or video formats or even podcast a syndicated series.
11) Can I accept donations on my Church Website?
Yes, you can accept donations and sell prayer book online using our easy church storefront.